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That done and pleased with yourself you towel yourself dry and sit on the bed and put your feet onto the edge of it and spread your legs to help you add just a little bit of cream to your smooth pussy gently rubbing it into the whole area the trouble is your fingers start to roam again, you only wanted to check out the smoothness and add a little cream but its almost as if your pussy has a mind of its own and has grabbed your fingers making them do wonderful things to it, you lay back and open your legs wider to give you easier access and you start to play with your clit, and the tingles once again start to run through your body
Wet And Puffy - Sean Michaels doing Playing Together With Erotic Happy Want To Die 1

Wet And Puffy – Sean Michaels doing Playing Together With Erotic Happy Want To Die

sure!” I said, “When?”

“How about right now, in the showers?” He asked, If you don't know by now, this is my first series of fantasy stories

Wet And Puffy - Sean Michaels doing Playing Together With Erotic Happy Want To Die 2

Wet And Puffy – Sean Michaels doing Playing Together With Erotic Happy Want To Die

Jennifer sighed and bit into the pillow, pulling at it with her teeth, as she lost herself in passion with this new feeling and perversity, ” Jennifer groaned and shivered as she said the words, knowing what they meant and how depraved it was

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Date: November 8, 2021