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“Hmmm [Ferame] Bigassdoll. He just kept going and going! I couldn't believe how much he had cum! I was in heaven having so much of his cum inside me! He let out a contented sigh, leaned down and kissed me and said, “I love you mom!” I replied, “I love you too son!”

He laid down beside me and was running his fingers through my hair
Maturexxxslut - Hot Ebony Mom Fucks Threesome On The Beach (12 min) 1

Maturexxxslut – Hot Ebony Mom Fucks Threesome On The Beach (12 min)

To be continued……………, The night came we went inside we ate something, a still hot humid I took a shower and she took the shower too, I was wearing short boxer, and I sat on my bed, her bed a was right next to mine, she came out of the bathroom, just wrapped with small towel, we had small closet in our room, she say can’t find my panties and bra, she sided the closet door and start snaky in the clothes in drawer, I could see her but chicks and her cunt a my god what a view!!!! She drop her towel and put on her tinny black thong and t-shirt was cut off right below her tits, a was all worn out, for the first time a saw her totally naked, she sat on her bed and threw a pillow to me a we start wrestling, I was behind her butt pushing against to may dick, I couldn’t resist any more an grabbed her tits and pushed hard in her butt, my dick a was dripping pre cum, she moan an she say this is what a was looking for a like you brother and I turn her over a was on top of her now pulled her shirt up an I started to lick her tits, nice and firm tits tinny nipples pinky color, I felt the animal coming out of me I just want to fuck her hard as could, licked her tits for a few minutes and went down around her belly, I pulled her thong to the side, her legs were on my shoulders, and start eating her pussy her juice a was coming out I played with her clit she moan really loud, my tongue in and out her cunt, I was drinking all her juice and I went lowered on her I start licking her asshole, sweet ass believe me that ass tasted sweet, my dick felt so hard my 9inch tool a was ready to go inside her, I never had a sex with a virgin, I fingered with my smaller finger a felt pretty tight I try my middle finger her cunt a was tight a can be, I went in and out with my finger she moan her clit a was hard , I tuned her over an doggy style so her butt was facing me her head barrier in the pillow her tits were hanging, this the position I dream about it, her but as beautiful can be her cunt a was soak in juice, I stick my face in her ass licking from her clit to her asshole, for few minutes, my ball felt full of cum, I took her thong off, she was in ecstasy and I made her cum she twisted her body, and moan her cunt a was so wet, my turn now she now an all four an I put he head of dick in the entrance of her pussy , uuuufffff, a felt so good, my dick a was so hard 9 inches ready for her , she say to me fuck me please a want to it inside me, I pushed my dick in I say inch and she pulled forward, I ask her what happen a hurt, so ok I going to do it slowly, the first in was ok I pushed in more this time 2 inches at the same time I was playing with her clit, and she say go deeper, ok pushed in hard she scream of loud, oooohh fuck a hurt keep going, half of dick a was inside her, I stretching that hole all sudden blood a was coming out around he pussy lips an dripping on the bed, her cherry a was my, she was in pain, but she told me she want a all inside her , I could feel the tightness of her pussy around my dick, she say to me fuck hard as you can , pushed my self in to her really hard, she was to trying to get away from me because a was painful for her, I kept going in and out of her, all the way she was mine, I was getting very close to the climax, an all sudden couldn’t take anymore an exploited inside her a was the most incredible felling had ever feel, I could feel cum coming out of ball filling her cunt, we both felt so relaxed after, we both lie down on the bed I still inside her , little by little my dick got smaller an slide out of her cunt, a was mess the bed a was full of cum an blood, but who cares a was the pleasant moment of my life, I felt in heaven

Maturexxxslut - Hot Ebony Mom Fucks Threesome On The Beach (12 min) 2

Maturexxxslut – Hot Ebony Mom Fucks Threesome On The Beach (12 min)

He managed to complete it before the end of the day and was eager to show it to Holly and Alice, but formed a devious idea as he looked at his finished creation, Click here. She would blush and get teary-eyed, as if about to cry, but as soon as he would slow down, she would beg him to fuck her harder

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